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Capturing precious moments now, to keep forever

Hello Baby specialises in birth photography and visualises the entire birth process (from the contractions until the first hours after birth).

These photos are filled with emotions and captured with love and respect. To the parents, these photos are priceless and help them relive and cherish their child’s birth forever.

Geboortefotograaf Van Hello Baby
Photo credits: Noa fotografie


hi, my name is Settia!

I am a birth photographer from The Hague and I am 28 years old. I studied photography at art school (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and Willem de Kooning Academy) and after graduating I realised I wanted to become a birth photographer. In my years at art school I wasn’t focussed on pregnant women or babies, but on capturing raw and real emotions. This led me to the idea to capturing moments of birth.

Settia captured the birth of our third child. We met her at our home where we discussed the most important aspects of the delivery with her. During the birth we didn’t even notice when she came in or when she was moving around the room. She has a very calm presence which we really liked. The photo’s truly tell the story of the birth of our daughter – every emotion is captured. To me the photos are priceless and I am so grateful that Settia was able to capture them so beautifully.




Capturing our daughter’s birth through photo’s was one of the best gifts we could ever give ourselves. Of course, you are there during the delivery but the photos reveal that there are many moments that we had missed ourselves.’ – Ellen

They are telling photos that truly show the emotions that took place. They are our dear memories! Though we barely noticed Settia’s presence, she still managed to capture every important moment.’ – Arjen Oord

The photo’s truly tell the story of the arrival of our daughter.. Every emotion is captured in the photos. To me the photos are priceless and I am so thankful that Settia was able to capture them so beautifully.’ – Christel Kranenberg

Bevalling Onder Douche
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