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Who is Settia?

As a little girl of 12, photography was my biggest hobby. I was either working on my camera in my spare time or searching the Internet for tips and tricks on how to improve my photos. Now, now many years later, I have made my passion my job and am still so grateful every day for all the
special events
that I get to capture.

So the passion for photography has always been there. So it was no surprise that I chose to study photography at the art academy (KABK & WDKA). Within my work, there was one important common thread that kept recurring: real emotions. After college, I came to the idea of capturing births, because what more pure can you get than a new life? In 2015 I recorded my first birth and after that I knew one thing for sure: I want to do this many more times!

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The beauty of

a new life

I love that I don’t have to stage anything in birth photography, and I like to be surprised by all the beauty that unfolds in front of the camera. So my view of births has definitely changed through my work. I previously knew it only from movies and there you often see the “negative” side and not the complete picture.

When I talk about my work, I still notice that many people still find births “scary” or “dirty. Because of this, there is secretly a taboo on it. The pain of childbirth often overshadows the beauty of birth, and I change that with my birth photography. With these special images, every woman can consciously look back on her childbirth and so often discover new moments they don’t remember. Think of the emotion, the support of your partner, the strength of the woman, the release, the happiness, culminating in: the first meeting with your own baby!

The right


As a birth photographer, I don’t have a “9 to 5” job, so I’m always looking for the right balance. My favorite place to unwind? The beach! That’s convenient, because from my home in The Hague I cycle through the dunes to the sea in no time. I also enjoy doing yoga, meditation and regularly taking a massage to relax. This way I can recharge myself for the next new life I get to capture with my birth photography.

After more than 100 births and unforgettable experiences, I am still excited when I get to go out for another delivery. Are you next? I can’t wait!


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I can’t wait to capture this special moment in your life. Did you get a good picture of me and think we are a match? Let’s non-binding introduction. I look forward to meeting you!



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