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Hi, my name is Settia. I am a 31-year-old birth photographer from The Hague, Netherlands. After studying photography at art school (Royal Academy of Art and Willem de Kooning Academy), I came up with the idea of becoming a birth photographer.

During my training, I was not at all concerned with pregnant women or babies, but rather with the purest of emotions. Thus, the idea of photographing during childbirth was born. I just didn’t know what to expect, not being a mother myself (yet).

Therefore, the first birth I was allowed to attend was also a test for myself. But wow, I saw something I didn’t know from movies. Childbirth is so beautiful! Yes, childbirth takes a lot out of you; but I was so amazed by the

strength of the woman, the unconditional support of the partner and the climax: intense happiness. Behind every moment, I found aesthetics that must be captured. When you then get a response from your clients that the photos are priceless to them because the photos tell the whole story of their child’s arrival, I know it was the right choice and thus Hello Baby was born in 2016.

I work from my hometown of The Hague to 1 hour drive for birth reports. For example, I work in Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden, Zoetermeer and other places in South Holland.


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