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Photo credits: Noa fotografie


the birth photographer?

Hi, my name is Settia!

I am a birth photographer from The Hague and I am 28 years old. I studied photography at art school (Royal Academy of Art, The Hague and Willem de Kooning Academy) and after graduating I realised I wanted to become a birth photographer. In my years at art school I wasn’t focussed on pregnant women or babies, but on capturing raw and real emotions. This led me to the idea to capturing moments of birth. With one only side note: I didn’t know what to expect, as I am not a mother myself (yet).

The first birth I was allowed to attend was a test for myself. And, wow, I saw something that was beyond my knowledge of birth (which I based on watching movies). I realised that a birth was so incredibly beautiful to witness! And yes, a birth is also painful, but I was taken by the power of the woman, the unconditional support of her partner and the intense happiness of the family. Every moment was picture perfect.

Once I was told that the photos I took were of priceless value to the family, as they tell the narrative of how their child arrived, I knew that I made the right choice of becoming a birth photographer. Hello Baby was born in 2016.

I am based in my hometown the Hague and can work up until 1 hour of travelling away. For example, I work in Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden and Zoetermeer among other places in Zuid Holland.

Memories become tangible and the photos are forever.


choose me?

  • intuitive; due to my sensitive nature I am able to capture emotions on images
  • personal; one of the most important things I value in birth photography is my connection with my clients. This ensures that people feel good about my presence and do not worry about the quality of my work. I also personally deliver the photo albums to my clients at their homes.
  • passive; the birth is about my clients, not about me. So I blend into the background and make sure not the disturb the delivery.
  • modest; I am hardly on the forefront. During the delivery my presence is barely noticable and if it is, it’s not experienced as disturbing.
geboortefotograaf den haag 1 - Birth photographer The Hague


about me

I was born in the Netherlands and I am of Cambodian ethnicity.
Food makes me happy (photography too of course).
My name means honesty.
I love cats and I am allergic to them.
My friends often say my presence makes them feel zen.
I love to dance salsa and I meditate.
geboortefotograaf den haag 2 - Birth photographer The Hague



She is very professional and great at what she does, as well as friendly and accessible: she is great to work with.’ – Kim Koekkoek

‘We barely noticed Settia’s presence, she still managed to capture every important moment.’ – Arjen Oord

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