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I am a 31-year old birth photographer based in the Hague. After graduating from art school (KABK and WDKA) I decided to become a birth photographer. 

In art school, I wasn’t focussed on pregnant women or babies, but I explored my interest in capturing the purest of emotions. This interest led to the idea of capturing births. I did not know what to expect, since I am not (yet) a mother myself.

The first delivery was like a test. I was wowed – I discovered that birth delivery wasn’t like how it was portrayed in films. It is so incredibly beautiful! It requires so much of the mother, but I couldn’t help but witness the power of the woman and the unconditional support of their partner. The best part for me was the intense happiness I witnessed. I believed that every moment deserved to be captured. 

Once I was met with the parents’ positive responses upon receiving their photos, who told me the photos were priceless as they tell the story of how their baby came to be, I knew I had made the right choice. Thus, Hello Baby was born in 2016.


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