Birth story of Aryan – ‘It will be a cesarean’

Thanks to Aryan’s parents for writing the birth story.

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We actually expected that after induction on Nov. 5, we could go home with a little one the next day. We went home, but the little one wasn’t there yet. There was not enough dilation yet, and due to a scar from a previous cesarean, the doctors did not dare to apply medication. We were sent home to await further development there, and if contractions failed, we were allowed to return to the hospital on Monday the 11th.

Thursday, November 7, around dinnertime, a mucus plug had come loose, so we left immediately for the hospital. Unfortunately, the contractions did not continue and we were sent home again.

Saturday, Nov. 9, I was suffering a lot from the scar and failure of my left leg. After a checkup at the hospital, we were sent home again. That very night I startle awake and feel very nauseous. I only just saved the toilet, which is only 1 meter from the bedroom. Now we go straight to the hospital again so as not to come home without a child born.

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Considering it’s the middle of the night they want us to sleep in the hospital but to induce a second time Sunday by means of a balloon. In the evening when the balloon was loose and the dilation checked, the little one turned and was no longer in front of the exit but transverse. As of now, the doctors thought it was a big risk and wanted to perform another C-section right away. Immediately sent a message to Settia from Hello Baby and pretty soon she was at our hospital. I had total panic and did not want a C-section but just wanted to give birth naturally. The doctors could not get me to calm down or convince me. Settia had come for nothing!

The following day, now Monday, Nov. 11, the little one was again lying well but not yet deep enough. At the checkup in the afternoon, the little one started to be transverse again. We get the doctors to wait until Tuesday morning to decide on a C-section. At the evening checkup, the little one is lying well again and is now also somewhat collapsed. The doctor in question wants to break the membranes, but the colleagues don’t dare. The next morning the little one thwarted again at the check-up.

It becomes an elective section

The cesarean section is scheduled at 4 p.m. Settia, after one app, is already there at 3 p.m. Fortunately, she was allowed to join us in the OR.

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A lot happened during the operation. An IV that started leaking spontaneously as I was being cut open. Then suddenly I felt nauseous and was given another remedy for that too. Then the problem with the IV was fixed. And I kept asking friend dear, why did it take so long? Where is my baby? Another leaking IV, but still no baby. Then suddenly the gynecologist asked if I wanted to watch with him. I very quickly replied “No!” Screen closed again. As I tried to distract myself because it was said that I can feel some pressure on my abdomen, I looked up. Yes! If I don’t want to watch, I still see how a head suddenly comes out of my belly – as there was a lamp hanging above me in which I
could see – and the rest after that! So I still watched our baby being born. Then he was held in front of the screen and I saw our baby. So happy and so overwhelmed by everything I saw happening before, I forgot that I didn’t know the gender. I was all too happy that the baby was out and doing well, until the gynecologist asked, “Did you see what it is?” “Um, now that you mention it, no!” “Oh, baby back! Mother hasn’t seen the gender yet!” And there he was again. Oh, tears sprang to my eyes, a boy! We have a son! A beautiful little man. Meanwhile, I was getting ready to get stitches. What reassured me was that I knew pictures were being taken , and I would see later what happened there with my little guy. The checkup went pretty quickly, and before I knew it, my hubby was lying with me.

Going to the dormitory alone

After suturing, I went to the recovery room and friend dear, baby and Settia to the maternity suite. I anxiously answered all the questions (checking that I was feeling well). While I was getting ice cream, there was a call that I could be picked up. Oh, how nice! Then I get to them around 6:10 p.m., and we have a moment to ourselves before the rest of the kids arrive.

As I watched everyone around me leave, I waited to be picked up. 6:15 p.m., still not picked up! “Um, ma’am, did they forget me?”

“I’m going to call again, though, because this is very crazy indeed.”

Finally, someone came and I was able to be reunited with my baby. When I just entered the suite, and Aryan was laid on top of me for the first breastfeeding, the children were already coming in. Oh no, so it took so long to pick me up that the kids were already there! So nice and chaotic. But nice for the pictures.

In retrospect, to my mind, I did miss that “our” moment. By that I mean being reunited, and the two of us admiring our little miracle. The first moment after the O.R.

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Our choice for Hello baby birth photography

34 weeks pregnant and everything was settled. Until I asked my friend who was going to take the pictures. ‘Um, your mother? A friend of yours or shall I ask my sister? If I do it myself I can’t be there for you so that’s not an option,’ he said. How about a birth photographer, I asked. A birth photographer? Does that even exist then? What should I imagine? He had never heard of it before, and it also seemed odd to have a photographer at something so personal. But yes, still curious and together visited some sites of birth photographers. 1 thing is for sure, it is not cheap. “Shall we ask my sister after all?” he asked. That wasn’t really the solution either. So let’s call and have a conversation and see what she can offer us. Meeting Settia Tin was very pleasant and she took the time to explain everything clearly, several pictures of several deliveries. I converted, Settia may take the pictures for us. She’s not done yet, there will be another video. This is a compilation of photographs and actual videos that flow seamlessly together supported by appropriate music. Wow, awesome!!! This already loosens something in us and then, then comes the moment of birth. I can’t describe it, but I do know that we must have this too, really fantastic!


December 5, pot of tea on the table and the movie is started. The emotion splashes off the screen. Wow, how beautiful!!! How glad we are that we chose this. The money I was so worried about at the beginning is now peanuts and therefore fades with the results. We are so pleased with the result and Settia’s method that we showed the video to the doctor and we also want to give a presentation at the hospital to tell the staff how nice it is to have a birth photographer and how much added value it is to have the birth photographer in the o.k. as well. We thank the hospital staff and Settia for the opportunity and the wonderful result.

 Would you also like a birth photographer at your delivery? Please feel free to contact us, via the contact form, whatsapp (bottom right) or schedule an immediate coffee date in!

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