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In the video (Dutch) below I answer 8 questions about birth photography!

Taking photos during birth delivery? Isn’t that gross? Why hire a birth photographer? Isn’t the presence of a stranger during the delivery a bit strange? I am sure there are a lot of questions. Please view the video below to see these questions answered. If you still have any questions please fill in the form below and I look forward to answering them. 

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Asked Questions

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I am based in the Hague and can drive up to 1 hour for birth photography. This means I work in places like Rotterdam, Delft, Leiden en Zoetermeer.

Oh no, definitely not. I think child birth is so special. If you look at my portfolio, you can see I capture the delivery very discreetly. I focus on love, connection and emotions. When we meet for a coffee, you are able to inform me about your wishes on what you’d like to see / would not like to see captured.

This happens quite frequently. If your partner is not completely against it and is open to having a conversation, then we can still meet. Oftentimes, people are not well informed and make assumptions. In our conversations I won’t try to convince them, but I will inform you of my work in a realistic way and tell you what you can expect. This way you are able to make a well informed choice.

I am present from the active phase of labor (4-5 cm dilation). I capture the entire delivery process. Think of moments between you and your partner, the atmosphere and the details. I will capture the delivery in a documentary style, which means you won’t notice that I am there. You can let go completely. I will stay until at least 2 hours after the delivery, so that I can capture the first meeting between siblings and/or grandparents.

If it’s a cesarean section, then I will follow you into the operating room. I have established contracts with a number of hospitals to ensure my presence in the operating rooms. Some hospitals prohibit the presence of a birth photographer. 

I can inform you up front about this in the case of a planned cesarean section. In the case of an unexpected cesarean section, I will hand over my camera to the midwife so that they can take photos. In the meantime, I will wait in the hallway until the cesarean section is over to continue photographing.

Within 24 hours of delivery, I will send you a number of edited photos as a preview. The complete photo coverage will be sent to you after 3 weeks of delivery.

No photos will be published without your permission. This also applies to medical staff. I am proud of my work and would love to share some images on my social media so that other (future) parents can see my work and consider me as their birth photographer.

I will only ask for permission after I have delivered the photos to you, so that you can decide if you would like me to share any and which ones. But this is definitely not obligatory!

These photos are invaluable for the rest of your lives. It’s a documentation of one of your most important events in life. Often people choose to have a birth photographer because during previous deliveries the mothers cannot recall the deliveries clearly. Many moments pass them by. With birth photography every moment is captured.

I am not very different from a midwife, gynecologist or other medical staff. Sometimes I am a familiar face because we’ve already met. It’s really important for us to have a sense of familiarity and trust, which is why we meet beforehand.


I work within an hour of the Hague, where I am based, to make sure I can be present. I am on 24/7 standby from week 38. Parents call me as soon as they notice the labor has started. Oftentimes, the partner keeps me updated. I am present from 4-5 cm of dilation. In the rare case of my absence (because of a sickness, or another delivery at the same time) I will send my backup photographer. 

Sure they can! However, oftentimes they are preoccupied during labor so the photos aren’t plentiful and you’re not guaranteed the best quality. Your partner might miss a large portion of the delivery story as they are also giving you support. Obviously it is up to what you think is important, but getting a birth photographer to capture your delivery makes a huge difference.

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