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Taking photos during birth, isn’t that a bit gross? Why would I hire a birth photographer? Isn’t it strange to have someone you don’t know at such an intimate event? In this video, I answer 8 of the most pressing questions about birth photography!



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Taking photos during birth, isn’t that a bit gross?

No, not for me! I think a birth is incredibly special. Besides, I am not really standing at the end of the bed waiting for the baby to arrive. Baby photography to me is about capturing the love, the power of the woman, the support of the partner and the intense happiness that the birth brings!

How does birth photography work?

I will be present at location when you are 5cm dilated. I will capture the entire birth story. Think of intimate moments between you and your partner, the atmosphere, all the details. These are the moments parents often forget. Of course, the highlight is the touching moment when you see your child for the first time. I usually capture the moment the child meets their siblings or grandparents as well.

Why hire a birth photographer?

You can tell it’s priceless value as it is forever. It’s a documentation of one of the most intimate moments of your life. Other reasons why people choose birth photography is, because women say they experienced their previous birth as a daze. Moments pass you by. Birth photography ensures that these are all captured and to be remembered forever.

What if I will have a cesarean section?

If it’s a cesarean operation, then I will join you in the operation room (if I am allowed by the medical staff). If I am not allowed, I will wait in the waiting room until the operation is done so I can still capture the moments after. Usually a medical assistant will be there with you to take a few photos. I will edit those photos to match the style of mine, so that the birth story is still complete.

Isn’t it weird to have a photographer at your delivery?

I am not so different from a midwife, gynecologist or any other medical staff. I am actually more known to you as we have been met before. So this is why I stress that it’s really important that we have a trusting connection and why I offer a free introductory meeting over coffee.

How do you ensure you are timely?

I limit my reach of clients to Zuid-Holland, which increases the chances I am there for the delivery. From week 38 on I am day 24/7 on stand-by. Parents will call me when they notice the birth process has started. Usually it’s the partner who keeps me up to date and when you are 5cm dilated I will be present at the location. If in the unfortunate situation that I have to cover two births or that I have fallen ill, I will have a backup photographer to cover for me.

Can’t my partner take any photos?

Of course he can! You midwife will also take some photos. However it’s really what you value. Your partner, if he’s not a professional photographer, cannot guarantee on taking high quality photos. Usually the lighting conditions make it hard to take great photos easily. Your partner could miss out on telling the complete birth story. If they are too busy supporting you they could forget to take photos. It’s different for everyone.

Will my photos be posted in your website?

No, without your permission nothing will be posted. This also applies to photos taken by medical staff. I am very proud of my work and would love to share it on social media, so I will ask you if you would like to after. I will only ask you this after I have completed my service (delivered the photos to you) so that you can consider sharing the photos after you had some time to look at them. But this is voluntary!

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