Tips to afford birth photography

Absolutely worth every penny, because there is no price on true love!❤️.

This was the reaction of Kim, someone who chose birth photography with me. 

I totally agree with her, but I also realize all too well that for many people birth photography is quite an investment. With costs of €850-1250, on top of actual birth costs and all that is involved during and after pregnancy, birth photography can be a luxury. But not a luxury you can’t afford if you understand its value! Here are a few tips that can help you afford birth photography;

Request a payment plan

For me as a photographer, it’s obvious, but I suspect many people don’t know this is an option: ask your photographer for a payment plan! Standard with me, you pay a deposit first and the rest after delivery. So this already amounts to 2 terms. But there are still plenty of opportunities! Contact us as soon as possible so that your payments can be spread over most of the pregnancy. If this is not possible, it is also negotiable to pay part of the payment afterwards. I like to think with you so that it becomes feasible for you.

Question contributions

Your friends and family are eager to help, so why not have them make a meaningful gift that your baby will never grow out of, that you will never run out of and never lose its value? Are you hosting a baby shower? Then it all becomes easy! But even if you don’t give it, there will be family, friends, colleagues in your life who plan to buy some for you and your baby. For this reason, I have created a platform where you can share your can start their own gift page . Let’s say 30 people contribute €15 each to your birth photos, so that already gets you halfway there! You can register your own gift page so that your friends and family can easily contribute via iDeal. Also, you have visibility into how the campaign is progressing and how much money you have raised.  

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Save on your purchases

There are plenty of things you can cut back on if you value memories more than matter. If you scour carefully, there are very good products that could use a second life.

Sell your stuff

I know this sounds extreme … but if you look around you may see things you own that you don’t put to good use. How many of those things are important to you versus the priceless memories of your baby’s birth day? It’s really just a matter of deciding what is important to you.

Not all tips will apply to you, but take out what you can do with! Hopefully I have given you inspiration and enriched the possibilities for you. A birth is a once in a lifetime – make sure you make a conscious choice and don’t regret it afterwards. Want to know more about a payment plan or a register your own gift page ? Feel free to take contact with me or schedule an immediate coffee date in. 

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